Six short films from the BFI London Film Festival 2019, exploring coming-of-age in the 21st century.

These short films explore what it means to be a young adult in the world today - from Midwest America to the tower blocks of London, by way of Canvey Island, Congo, Iran and a space age trip through The Cloud.

Issues of identity, individuality, family, friendship and community are explored in this collection of films that shine a light on the enormous pressures facing young people today; pressures made harder whilst living up to the high expectations of increasingly image conscious societies.

This collection showcases some of the brightest emerging filmmakers from across the world.

We are proud to present the following six films as part of #GenerationNow.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image201910 mins

A girl’s online search for love in times of social media, speed dating, cyberlove, hipster culture and post-net attitudes.

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Serious TingzSerious Tingz

Drama20192 mins

The face of masculinity as portrayed by young men who grow up in the inner city, where the iconic ‘screwface’ is more than just an expression.

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Music video201915 mins

Tribal motifs and digital culture collide exploring the stupefying effects of mobile technology.

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Miller & SonMiller & Son

Drama201921 mins

A mechanic is doing a good job of living two lives until an unexpected out-of-hours encounter, in this powerful study of identity.

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If You KnewIf You Knew

Drama20195 mins

A beautiful close-up of deaf brothers showing them making their own way in the world and not being defined by what others see as a disability.

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Fault Line (Gosal)Fault Line (Gosal)

Drama201815 mins

Nahal is an Iranian schoolgirl who must create a new version of the truth in a strict environment, despite there being unintended consequences to her self-preservation.