Short films exploring what it means to be a young adult in the world today.

Specially selected from the BFI London Film Festival main programme, these short films explore what it means to be a young adult in the world today — from the Welsh wilderness, to the streets of Iraq, by way of a welding workshop, to sunny South London.

Issues of identity, gender, family, activism and community are explored in this collection of films that shine a light on the pressures facing young people today; how can you live up to expectations and societal norms or do you want to challenge them? This collection showcases some of the brightest emerging filmmakers from across the world.

Although these films have not been certified by the BBFC we recommend a minimum age of 12, and that teachers and educators watch the film in advance as some of the films contain swearing and strong sexual references.

We are proud to present the following ten films as part of #GENERATIONNOW.

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Documentary202022 mins

Meet the Iraqi women weaponising social media platforms to challenge norms and traditions in their country.

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Bitter SkyBitter Sky

Drama201916 mins

Nia is missing her mother and dreams of escape from the depths of the Welsh countryside.

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Dọlápọ̀ is FineDọlápọ̀ is Fine

Drama201915 mins

This rewarding and thoughtful depiction of an ever-relevant issue finds a young black girl about to leave boarding school and encouraged to conform to white beauty standards for a job in the City.

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Drama20205 mins

A story of young love, as a transgender teen and a cis-gender teen spend their time together on a regular night, doing regular things. Or not.

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Good Thanks, You?Good Thanks, You?

Drama201913 mins

The swirling timeline and strong central performance conveys problems in supressing a traumatic event that is often so hard to talk about.

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Comedy201910 mins

It’s a sweet day for two drug dealers. Heading out to parties, selling to insanely posh folk and eating patties, these are the little things that make people more than just friends.

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The Name of the Son [El nombre del hijo]The Name of the Son [El nombre del hijo]

Drama202013 mins

On a trip to the seaside, Lucho battles the inconveniences of puberty while his family recognise him for who he is, in this beautiful portrayal of familial love.

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Panthers [Panteres]Panthers [Panteres]

Drama202022 mins

Joana and Nina are 13-year-old girls on the brink of womanhood, provocatively confronting their female gender, queerness and social norms.

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Drama202018 mins

During a sizzling summer in the noughties, a gang of South London schoolgirls face strange sexual awakenings, which culminate in a visceral fate.

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The Spark [Brûle]The Spark [Brûle]

Drama202023 mins

Maya likes her boss a little too much. As things come to a head she has a choice: to stay quiet or take matters into her own hands.