BFI Flare 2022 shorts

Watch the BFI Flare 2022 short films for free at any time 16-27 March on BFI Player wherever you are in the UK.

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Drama202118 mins

An unexpected discovery forces a gay Libyan teen to question whether or not to flee his homeland.

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Between UsBetween Us

Drama202017 mins

A trans man wants a quiet life in rural Japan, but his non-binary partner craves a queer urban crowd.

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Demà ho deixem [Tomorrow Then]Demà ho deixem [Tomorrow Then]

Drama202216 mins

When a lover returns from a holiday in Amsterdam, his reunion with his boyfriend is a little strained.

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Do This For MeDo This For Me

Drama202220 mins

Masks that are worn and secrets that are hidden all come tumbling out during one emotional evening amongst friends.

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Egúngún [Masquerade]Egúngún [Masquerade]

Drama202114 mins

The power of the past spans the divide between Nigeria and the UK in this beautiful tale of intersecting lives.

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Drama202116 mins

A Syrian crane operator working in Beirut finds a moment of personal liberation in the most unlikely of places.


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