Animate Projects

Animate Projects is a strategic agency that works at the intersection of animation, film and art -

Animate’s back catalogue, the Animate Collection, is now stored at the BFI National Archive.

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Chelsea Manning Had SecretsChelsea Manning Had Secrets

Animation & Artists Moving Image20115 mins

The story of Chelsea Manning, not as a Wikileaks 'hacktivist', but as a young American soldier simultaneously going through a crisis-of-conscience and a crisis-of-gender-identity.

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The Black Dog's ProgressThe Black Dog's Progress

Animation & Artists Moving Image20083 mins

A series of flipbooks tell the sad story of the Black Dog.

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Tad's NestTad's Nest

Animation & Artists Moving Image20095 mins

Tad's Nest - the place where eels mature before being compelled to return to a location using only memories of sensations to guide them.

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Apocalypse RhymeApocalypse Rhyme

Animation & Artists Moving Image20123 mins

A black and white, kaleidoscopic, multi-layered, hyper-kinetic typographical poem.

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The Life Size ZoetropeThe Life Size Zoetrope

Animation & Artists Moving Image20076 mins

A film about the cycle of life on one giant wheel. The Life Size Zoetrope is the celebratory life story of one man, told via a one-take live action shot of a human zoetrope containing the film.

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Imperial Provisor FrombaldImperial Provisor Frombald

Animation & Artists Moving Image20134 mins

The true story of a Serbian clerk who became embroiled in the world's first vampire hysteria.

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Spherical HarmonicsSpherical Harmonics

Animation & Artists Moving Image20145 mins

Spherical Harmonics is about the strange power of the CG image. It's a fantasy under construction, full of digitally created memories, counterfeit physics and controlled accidents.

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Damaged GoodsDamaged Goods

Animation & Artists Moving Image20089 mins

A tragic story is played out by porcelain figurines residing in a bric-a-brac shop.

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Engine AngelicEngine Angelic

Animation & Artists Moving Image20103 mins

A disused gasworks yard, "Gazi", in Athens becomes an infanticidal mother that ravages her offspring.

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The InterpreterThe Interpreter

Animation & Artists Moving Image20156 mins

An animation based on 22 Derbyshire Tarot cards, which were created by filmmaker Noriko Okaku.

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The EmperorThe Emperor

Animation & Artists Moving Image20014 mins

The tale of a quest to free Napoleon Bonaparte from exile on the island of St Helena, including fresh insight into the mystery of The Emperor's pickled private parts.