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You Have No Idea How Much I Love You

Deeply intimate documentary in which a mother and her daughter take part in a family therapy to improve their painful relationship.

Drama-documentary 2016 81 mins Not rated

Director: Pawel Lozinski


Following on from his success with Father and Son (2013), director Paweł Łoziński turns his camera to intimate conversations between a mother and daughter. Three faces fill the frame one by one as Ewa and Hanna express their innermost thoughts and feelings to Professor Bogdan de Barbaro, an eminent psychotherapist from Kraków. Director Łoziński’s takes a bold, immersive approach to capturing a mother and daughter’s complex emotional journey as they attempt to heal a rift that has consumed their relationship, with intimate and revealing results.

The deep intimacy offered to the viewer by the close-up frame (think Bergman’s Persona) is almost overwhelming as the emotion pours out. The closing credits add an extra dimension to our understanding of this difficult journey, particularly at a time when the significance of our mental health begins to be recognised.