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Stray 18 rating

A soulful new voice emerges in Elizabeth Lo’s evocative award-winning debut documentary, which details life on the streets of Istanbul from the perspective of the city’s stray dogs.

Documentary 2020 72 mins

Director: Elizabeth Lo



Meet the indomitable Zeytin, a stray who is treated with both disdain and mercy by the city’s human residents. Through the eyes of Zeytin and fellow strays Nazar and Kartal, we gain a unique and artfully-captured perspective of the lives and experiences of Istanbul’s residents and outsiders. When Zeytin’s journey intersects with that of homeless Syrian teenagers, Stray transforms into a poignant exploration of the parallels between our four-legged friends and the marginalised humans they share the streets with. Lo observes the shared resilience and bond between the young men and their canine friends, subtly asking questions on how society treats the most vulnerable. With a singular vision you might associate with a veteran filmmaker, Elizabeth Lo’s stirring debut is both a dog and documentary lover’s dream.

The UK release of Stray was supported by a BFI Audience Award, using funds from the National Lottery.