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Stop Making Sense PG rating

Widely acknowledged as among the best concert films ever, Jonathan Demme's inventive film of Talking Heads' thrilling live show remains the yardstick by which all other music films are measured by.

Performance 1984 88 mins

Director: Jonathan Demme


Acclaimed director Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs) rewrote the rules of the concert film with his document of Talking Heads at the peak of their powers. Beginning with David Byrne's solo strumming of Psycho Killer against a blank backdrop, the show evolves and expands to over the course of 85 minutes to become a vast, vibrant visual experience, eventually leading to Byrne being famously dwarfed by his over-sized suit.

In partnership with one of the most experimental and creative rock bands of their era, Demme ensures that Stop Making Sense imparts an appeal that stretches way beyond the band's traditional fan-base.