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Abel Ferrara returns with an extraordinarily vivid, visually dazzling and characteristically strange rumination on sex, dreams and death.

Drama 2020 91 mins Not rated

Director: Abel Ferrara



Following his previous, loosely autobiographical collaboration with Dafoe on last year’s melancholic addiction drama Tommaso, Ferrara moves further into the realm of experimentation and borderline surrealist filmmaking with this story of Clint (Dafoe), living out a hermit-like existence in snowbound woods and tending a rundown mountainside bar. Bizarre and frightening encounters with various weird patrons trigger Clint’s memories and dreams as the film folds in on itself. Combining beautiful widescreen visuals with a thrillingly open-ended and punkish approach to narrative, editing and mood, Siberia moves fluidly between moments of horror, introspection and serious thematic exploration, to tongue in cheek self-satire, explicit sex scenes and gross-out comedy. It culminates in a surreal, aquatic encounter that is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable cinematic endings of the year.