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The impact of Stalinist politics is revealed through the everyday lives of three Polish women, in this remarkable black comedy that took the festival circuit by storm.

Drama 2009 96 mins Not rated

Director: Borys Lankosz


Remarkable as a feature film debut, Borys Lankosz’s black comedy took the festival circuit by storm with its subversive style and provocative politics which resonated across contemporary as well as historical perspectives. Previously acclaimed for his documentaries, Lankosz won multiple Best Film, craft and audience awards across Poland for Reverse. Featuring rising star Agata Buzek (awarded Best Actress at Gydnia 2009 for this role) alongside the hugely popular Krystyna Janda, and veteran Anna Polony, the film reveals the impact of Stalinist politics through the everyday lives of three Polish women.

Set in Warsaw, 1952, it moves between drama, comedy and noir with a fluidity that matches the adjustments the women make as they navigate unexpected changes in their lives. Their tenement home welcomes a succession of potential husbands for 30+ Sabina but none with the impact of Bronisław (Marcin Dorociński).