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Bronco's House

A young man strives to provide a home for his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn child, in Mark Jenkin's mid-length precursor to Bait.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 2015 44 mins Not rated

Director: Mark Jenkin



A young man strives to fulfill his sense of responsibility: the provision of a home for him, his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn child within their own community. With a growing sense of urgency as the housing crisis deepens over the term of the pregnancy, the story unfolds through the actions of six characters, Bronco, the Girlfriend, the Landlord, the Sister, the Farmer and… the Stranger.

Shot on a clockwork camera, on 16mm black & white negative stock, and processed by hand using an instant coffee based developer. Bronco’s House is Mark Jenkin's first long-form exploration working within his self-penned manifesto SLDG13.