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Blanche PG rating

Borowczyk's visually stunning historical drama, which presents the story of a young woman's hypnotic beauty in the style of a moving medieval fresco.

Period drama 1971 94 mins

Director: Walerian Borowczyk


Borowczyk's visually stunning historical drama about a young woman's hypnotic beauty. Ligia Branice gives a heart-rending performances as Blanche, the young, beautiful wife of a senile baron, played by the legendary actor Michel Simon. When an amorous king pays a visit, not only does he fall under Blanche’s spell, but also that of his page, the infamous philanderer Monsieur Bartolomeo...

For his breakthrough feature, Borowczyk employs a distinctive visual style in which action unfurls in a kind of tableaux vivant, resembling medieval frescos and accompanied by stunning ancient musical arrangements drawn from the ‘Carmina Burana’ song book.