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This riveting feature debut from Makbul Mubarak patiently details the journey of a young man as he begins to taste power for the first time.

2022 115 mins Not rated

Director: Makbul Mubarak



Autobiography focuses on the relationship between Purna, a cold-blooded former military man running for office in a local election, and his personal assistant Rakib, who is looking for some direction in life. With his wife and three daughters living abroad, Purna begins to treat Rakib as his own son. As their relationship deepens, Rakib begins to understand Purna’s insatiable appetite for power and hatches a plan to stop him. But has Rakib already become too much like his mentor for his own good? Within the film’s minimalist structure, Mubarak finds elegant ways to explore the notions of power, duplicity, guilt and fear. A chilling, simmering slow-burner, Autobiography builds to an unforgettable final scene, concluding with a moment of brutal intensity.