Wim Wenders

The restless and the curious are Wim Wenders’ congregation, and they gather to play out some of best stories we have, told on the road or in the city, but always from the heart.

The German director works in both fact and fiction, bringing a photographer’s eye and a painter’s style to tales of imperfect lives.

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Wings of DesireWings of Desire

Fantasy1987128 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

In director Wim Wenders' (Paris, Texas) most metaphysical work, a guardian angel desires nothing more than to be human. Presented in a stunning new restoration.

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The American FriendThe American Friend

Film noir1978121 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Acclaimed director Wim Wenders, with the help of Dennis Hopper, transforms Patricia Highsmith's novel 'Ripley's Game' into a gripping European noir.

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The Goalie's Anxiety At The Penalty KickThe Goalie's Anxiety At The Penalty Kick

Crime1971103 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Unavailable for three decades, Wim Wenders’ 1972 classic about an errant footballer who turns to crime; restored and remastered in stunning 4K.

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Paris, TexasParis, Texas

Drama1984145 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

The late, great Harry Dean Stanton's finest role came as the near-mute Travis, on a journey across America to reunite his family, in Wim Wenders' moving tale of loss and redemption.

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Buena Vista Social ClubBuena Vista Social Club

Documentary1999101 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Cuba’s rich and colourful past comes vividly to life in this legendary, Oscar-nominated documentary from director Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas, Wings of Desire).

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The Scarlet LetterThe Scarlet Letter

Period drama197290 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders adapts the acclaimed novel in which a Puritan village chastises a young mother for giving birth out of wedlock.

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Land of PlentyLand of Plenty

Drama2004124 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Michelle Williams teams up with Wim Wenders in this fascinating portrait of the contrasting worldviews between a dedicated missionary and a paranoid war veteran.

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A House for Us: The IslandA House for Us: The Island

26 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

The second of a two-part TV special directed by Wim Wenders for acclaimed series A House For Us. Ute's family attempt to further understand her strange behaviour and reptile obsession.

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A House for Us: From the Family of ReptilesA House for Us: From the Family of Reptiles

197426 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

The first of a two-part TV special directed by Wim Wenders for acclaimed series A House For Us. Ute, a young girl, runs away from home to visit the crocodiles in the zoo.

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Wrong MoveWrong Move

Road movie197599 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

A young man journeys across Germany to find his voice as a writer in Wim Wenders' celebrated road movie.

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Kings of the RoadKings of the Road

Road movie1976169 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

One of the finest achievements of New German Cinema, Wenders' remarkable road-movie follows two young men as they travel through a country in the midst of momentous change.

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Alice in the CitiesAlice in the Cities

Road movie1974113 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

A German writer leaving the USA finds himself unwittingly embarking on a road trip with an eight-year-old girl.

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Lisbon StoryLisbon Story

Drama1994103 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders’ enigmatic film follows a sound recordist who travels to Lisbon for a film shoot and is drawn into the wonder of the city and its people.

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Room 666Room 666

Documentary198446 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders invites a group of filmmakers at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival – including Godard, Fassbinder, Herzog and Spielberg – to discuss cinema.

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The State of ThingsThe State of Things

Drama1982122 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

A European director travels to Hollywood in order to track down his missing producer in Wim Wenders’ gorgeous ode to filmmaking.

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Nick's Film (Lightning Over Water)Nick's Film (Lightning Over Water)

Biopic198090 minsDirector: Nicholas Ray

Simultaneously a love letter and a farewell, this documentary charts the last few months of acclaimed director Nicholas Ray through the eyes of Wim Wenders.

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Notebook on Cities and ClothesNotebook on Cities and Clothes

Animation & Artists Moving Image198981 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders helms this unusual but intimate documentary following pioneering fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto as he prepares for a fashion show in Paris.

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Documentary198592 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

Profiling one of the great directors of World Cinema, Wim Wenders delivers this moving portrait of Japanese auteur Yasujiro Ozu.

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A Trick of the LightA Trick of the Light

Drama-documentary199679 minsDirector: Wim Wenders

The origins of German cinema are given life in one of Wim Wenders’ most charming and playful films, focusing on pioneering inventors, the Skladanowsky brothers.