South Asian Heritage Month

Reclaiming the history and identity of British South Asians - through film.

South Asian Heritage Month runs from 18th July to 17th August every year. It seeks to raise the profile of British South Asian heritage and history in the UK through education, arts, culture and commemoration, with the goal of helping people to better understand the diversity of present-day Britain and improve social cohesion across the country. Here we present a selection of films that enhance understanding about what it means to be South Asian in the 21st century, as well as looking to the past to see how Britain became the diverse country it is today.

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Mogul MowgliMogul Mowgli

Drama202089 minsDirector: Bassam Tariq

Bassam Tariq’s visceral directorial debut, co-written with Riz Ahmed, finds a British-Pakistani rapper’s life spiralling out of control when, on the cusp of success, he succumbs to a debilitating illness.

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Sixth HappinessSixth Happiness

Biopic199794 minsDirector: Waris Hussein

Funny, acerbic and moving story of a young man's sexual awakening as family life crumbles around him.

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I'm British But...I'm British But...

Documentary198929 minsDirector: Gurinder Chadha

Britain beats to the sound of Bhangra and Bangla in Gurinder Chadha's debut film.

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The LunchboxThe Lunchbox

Drama2013105 minsDirector: Ritesh Batra

Mismatched lunchboxes lead to an unlikely romance in this exquisite Indian drama, brimful of tantalising food and elegantly delivered wisdom.

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Celluloid ManCelluloid Man

Documentary2012156 minsDirector: Shivendra Singh Dungarpur

A tribute to film archivist and obsessive cinephile P.K. Nair, and his long, hard fight to preserve India's precious film heritage.

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