Now in its 11th year, MyFrenchFilmFestival shines a spotlight on new generation French-language filmmakers and gives audiences around the world the chance to share their love of French cinema.

New and emerging French-language filmmakers show new ways of seeing. From bad parents (Felicità) to smart youth (Just Kids), the civil war of Josep or the little-known lives of Kuessipan, find something to love from the minds of fresh, intelligent talents.

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Selected features

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Just KidsJust Kids

Drama2019104 minsDirector: Christophe Blanc

At 19 Jack decides it is time to take charge of his, and his younger siblings lives. Moving for a fresh start, Jack and his family set off on a journey that will instill strength and power into their lives.

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Drama201992 minsDirector: Boris Lojkine

A poignant biopic of photojournalist Camille Lepage.

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Comedy2019102 minsDirector: Sophie Letourneur

Claire and Frédéric are in love, and live life to the fullest without the distraction of kids. However when Frédéric has an unexpected change of heart, he decides to take matters into his own hands!

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Documentary2019130 minsDirector: Sébastien Lifshitz

This captivating coming-of-age documentary follows best friends Anaïs and Emma for five years of teenagehood.

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Documentary201993 minsDirector: Stephane Riethauser

A grandmother and her grandson engage in an intimate conversation, exploring gender, sexuality and transmission of identity.

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Tu mérites un amourTu mérites un amour

Comedy2019102 minsDirector: Hafsia Herzi

Leaving her cheating boyfriend Remi, Lila finds the break-up tough. And when Remi announces he will come to Bolivia to learn from his mistakes, things get even more complicated.

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Les Héros ne meurent jamaisLes Héros ne meurent jamais

Drama201985 minsDirector: Aude Léa Rapin

Believing he is the reincarnation of a Serbian soldier, Joachim and his friend Alice travel with a small film crew to Bosnia to uncover the truth behind his past life.

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Comedy202082 minsDirector: Bruno Merle

11 year old Tommy is desperate to make it for the first day of the school term, but with parents as eccentric hers, she knows she has the odds against her.

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Drama2019117 minsDirector: Myriam Verreault

A powerful story of how life can test even the strongest of bonds, Mikuan and Shaniss, best of friends since childhood, find themselves drifting apart because of forces beyond their control.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image202074 minsDirector: Aurel

The story of Josep Bartoli, an illustrator who in the aftermath of the Spanish civil war, would wind up befriending a prison guard in the concentration camp he was placed in.

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Filles de joieFilles de joie

Drama202090 minsDirector: Frédéric Fonteyne

Every day three friends cross the border from France to Belgium in order to work. During the summer months, they decide to share a secret that will bind them forever.