Made in Prague - Czech Film Classics

Three restored Czech classics presented in collaboration with the Czech Centre London, Národní filmový archív, Prague, as part of the 25th Made in Prague Festival, 7 November – 10 December 2021, organised by the Czech Centre London.

These three classics include Markéta Lazarová, voted the greatest Czech film of all time, Vojtěch Jasný's enduring chronicle of small-town life, and a classic Czech comedy from Oscar-winning director Jiří Menzel.

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Marketa LazarováMarketa Lazarová

Period drama1967159 minsDirector: Frantisek Vlácil

Voted the best Czech film ever made, František Vláčil’s groundbreaking 13th-century epic is a story of a fierce inter-clan rivalry and doomed love.

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All My Good CountrymenAll My Good Countrymen

Comedy1968115 minsDirector: Vojtech Jasny

Vojtěch Jasný’s enduring masterpiece chronicles the saga of Czech villagers forced into collective farms by their new Communist rulers.

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Cutting It ShortCutting It Short

Drama198098 minsDirector: Jirí Menzel

Warmly nostalgic look at small-town life from Oscar®-winning director Jiří Menzel (Closely Observed Trains).