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Wajib 15 rating

An estranged father-son relationship in the vibrant city of Nazareth makes for an immensely entertaining drama by Palestinian director Annemarie Jacir (When I Saw You).

Drama 2018 93 mins

Director: Annemarie Jacir


In Palestinian director Annemarie Jacir’s accomplished and charming third feature, a man carries out a centuries-old tradition with his estranged father. Shadi returns to his paternal home for the first time in years, to honour the Nazareth tradition of hand-delivering his sister’s wedding invitations with his father (‘wajib’). But the two men haven’t spoken for a long time and don’t see eye-to-eye on many things – from who should be invited to what music to listen to in the car.

Inevitably, personal antagonism, small town gossip, political, cultural and generational differences all rear their heads as the journey progresses. But as their bickering continues against the backdrop of a vibrant city, the pair come to understand each other a little better. Acting together for the first time, real-life father and son Mohammad and Saleh Bakri bring warmth, charisma and humour to Jacir’s thoroughly engrossing and immensely entertaining drama.