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The Special World of Nigel Hunt

An edition of This Week reporting on the restricted lives of young people with Down’s syndrome living in homes away from their families.

1967 27 mins

Director: Ian Mcfarlane


A parental perspective from the 1960's on raising a Down syndrome child. A key decision for parents at this time was whether to accept the recommended advice to have their child raised in an institution, or to instead welcome them into the family home. Nigel Hunt was brought up by his parents and this documentary features an in-depth interview with his father, outlining the reasons behind this decision and the benefits it provided to both parties. Nigel later found a sense of community at a facility for adults with learning disabilities. We follow Nigel at a moment of transition; he visits a village in Northern England with a view to moving there permanently.

The two Camphill Village Trust communities featured, Delrow House (near Watford) and Botton village (North Yorkshire), are still in operation today. Please note that this programme contains outdated language which may be considered offensive. Changes in attitudes to people with Down's has meant a shift from segregated care provision to living independently, with support, in the community.