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The Hummingbird Project 15 rating

Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgård are sensational as scheming cousins on a lucrative but ethically dubious mission, in this fast, funny and topical technological caper.

Thriller 2018 111 mins

Director: Kim Nguyen



The son of a Russian plumber with big drilling dreams of his own, Vincent Zaleski is an ethically untroubled highfrequency trader, transmitting stock-market data faster than a hummingbird beats its wings. Zaleski and his computer-genius cousin Anton can gain a lucrative edge on competitors by tunnelling a fibre-optic cable through the heart of America.

Canadian filmmaker Kim Nguyen pits this scheming duo against furious former boss Eva Torres (Salma Hayek, going full Cruella de Vil) in a quickwitted caper that questions the moral and environmental cost of high-speed capitalism. Jesse Eisenberg gives a quintessentially Eisenbergian performance as Cousin Vinny, while Alexander Skarsgård has fun playing against sex symbol type as the balding, lumbering, socially awkward Anton.