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Summer Stock (If You Feel Like Singing) U rating

Gene Kelly and Judy Garland star in the charming musical about a theatre troupe that take over a barn for rehearsals.

Musical 1950 109 mins

Director: Charles Walters



A completely unpretentious, charming musical about a theatre troupe that takes over a barn in order to rehearse - the premise seems more Mickey-and-Judy than Gene-and-Judy. Garland was in the midst of well publicised health issues before and during production, and the filming of her big number 'Get Happy' took place six months after principle photography was completed. Kelly has one of his career highlights: a dance with that most unprepossessing of props, a newspaper.

Retitled If You Feel Like Singing for its original 1950 British cinema release, Summer Stock has been unavailable in the UK on home video ever since, until this presentation.