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Some Voices 15 rating

Daniel Craig impresses in a tough but sensitive portrait of a man living with schizophrenia

Comedy 2000 97 mins

Director: Simon Cellan Jones



This harrowing but ultimately redemptive portrait of a young man battling schizophrenia features an arresting performance from Daniel Craig. Blossoming romance with Laura (Kelly Macdonald) offers damaged but sweet-natured Ray hope of a new future. But love makes him reckless, and when he defies advices and comes off his meds, the demons he unleashes threaten to destroy him and all those close to him, not least long-suffering brother Pete (David Morrissey). "A serious, substantial, and compassionate movie which demands to be seen," said the Guardian's Peter Bradshaw.

Some Voices marked the feature film debut for Simon Cellan-Jones, who had previously directed Craig in his breakthrough role on the classic BBC drama Our Friends in the North. Writer Joe Penhall, adapting his own stage play, would return to the subject of mental illness in Blue/Orange (which premiered on stage in 2000) and the 2017 TV thriller The Replacement.