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Seberg 15 rating

Kristen Stewart shines as an idealistic yet fragile Jean Seberg in this stylish drama that packs a punch.

Drama 2019 103 mins

Director: Benedict Andrews



Returning to the US as Europe’s ‘It’ girl after her breakout success – including Godard’s Breathless – Seberg (Kristen Stewart) finds herself a target of J Edgar Hoover’s FBI when she becomes romantically involved with Black Panther Hakim Jamal (Anthony Mackie) and flaunts her disregard for America’s misogynistic and racist institutions.

Impressively directed by Benedict Andrews (Una), silkily photographed by Mudbound cinematographer Rachel Morrison, with impeccable period costume and production design (from Michael Wilkinson and Jahmin Assa, respectively), this stylish drama packs a punch. Supported by strong cast that includes Jack O’Connell, Colm Meaney and Zazie Beetz, Stewart dazzles as the starlet who was all-but-destroyed by an archly conservative FBI – then a nefarious organisation with virtually unchecked power – and dismayed as she unwittingly took others down with her.