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Saboteur PG rating

A factory worker is framed for sabotage and forced on the run in Hitchcock’s fast-moving thriller, with its famous finale atop the Statue of Liberty.

War 1942 109 mins

Director: Alfred Hitchcock



At the height of WWI paranoia, an aircraft factory worker is framed for industrial sabotage. Forced on the run, he attempts to track down the real spies.

Alfred Hitchcock himself came up with the idea for a film that combined wartime paranoia with his classic trope of a wrongly accused innocent. But after struggling to convince his sceptical producer David O. Selznick of its merit, the project was farmed out to Universal Studios. Hitchcock had to sacrifice A-list acting talent for Universal contract players; but seen today the film’s lack of star power gives it a gritty, almost B-movie urgency that’s much to its credit. And its justly famous finale atop the Statue of Liberty is one of the director’s most memorably gripping set-pieces.