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Robinson in Space PG rating

Patrick Keller's imaginative and cerebral Robinson in Space follows the titular character and his unseen companion (and narrator), voiced by Paul Scofield, as they investigate the 'problem' of England.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1997 78 mins

Director: Patrick Keiller



Robinson in Space again finds Patrick Keller pushing the limits of British cinema to fascinating degrees with a rewarding and unparalleled pay-off. Robinson and his unseen companion, a narrator voiced by Paul Scofield, have been commissioned to investigate the 'problem' of England. The journey takes them all over the country, from Manchester to Liverpool and Bristol to Birmingham, as they deconstruct English anachronism, culture, dilapidation, and the industrial economy. Keiller's immaculately framed images and sly deadpan narration take the viewer on an unpredictable exploration of the cultural and economic landscape of England.

Robinson in Space is a sequel to Keller's own psycho-geographic cinematic journey, London, which explored the impact of John Major, the IRA, and many other important facets of the city during the early 1990's.