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Over Exposed 18 rating

Aye aye, Captain! Sex comedy hijinks on the Thames near Twickenham in this forgotten saga of a switched-on snapper

Drama 1977 36 mins

Director: Dennis London


All aboard for cut-price close-ups of a promiscuous photographer's sexual conquests in this long-forgotten, fearsomely seedy 1970s soft porn supporting feature - made by Soho sleaze-monger David Grant. As one young model freezes in scanty attire atop a boat, her friend asks hunky Cap'n Tony to which exotic clime they're headed. "Twickenham," he replies. Good job they all brought coats...

Over Exposed originated as a short film, The Session, shot on 16mm in 1974 by Soho pornographer David Grant, which had played at his own sex cinema, The Pigalle near Piccadilly Circus. New material was added and the old material was blown up to 35mm for this bawdy bumper bonanza released in the summer of 1977.