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Nudists reveal all in a 1950s trip to Spielplatz naturist camp, as intrepid investigator Dan Farson meets its founder

1957 13 mins Not rated

Director: Geoffrey Hughes


British nudism in the 1950s is laid bare in this revealing television excursion to the Spielplatz naturist camp at Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire. Incisive investigative journalist Daniel Farson meets its founder, Charles Macaskie, as well as his wife Dorothy and daughter Iseult, all resolute practitioners of naturist doctrine, before Farson presents his savvy summing up of the naked lifestyle.

Nudism was a contentious topic in pre-permissive 1950s Britain, and the wholesome underlying ideology was exploited by salacious filmmakers eager to sneak nakedness past the British censor and onto cinema screens. The first of many nearly-naughty nudist films at British cinemas was Nudist Paradise (Charles Saunders, 1958), while the most notorious was probably Naked - As Nature Intended (George Harrison Marks, 1961). Both included scenes shot at Spielplatz.