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No Future

Despite the bleak title, there is some hope in this film about disabled schoolchildren.

Documentary 1958 13 mins Not rated

Director: Rollo Gamble



Reporter Daniel Farson visits Elmsfield School and interviews disabled children, their parents, and the school staff about the challenges they face. Farson brings his trademark directness to the discussions with adults, but there is a refreshingly playful interview with a boy called Peter. This film has a campaigning tone, which perhaps reflects the sense that more advanced treatments were urgently required. Indeed, the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign charity (later Muscular Dystrophy UK) was founded a year later in 1959.

This documentary is part of a series Daniel Farson presented for Associated-Rediffusion called People in Trouble. The series also featured episodes on unmarried mothers, interracial marriages and mental illness.