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My Imaginary Country 15 rating

Women have been a driving force in the recent Chilean Revolution, as Nostalgia for the Light director Patricio Guzmán highlights in this galvanising documentary.

Documentary 2022 83 mins

Director: Patricio Guzmán



In October 2019, social protests erupted in Chile, following years of inequality, corruption and the ruling establishment’s inability to dismantle Pinochet’s structures of dictatorship. Over a million people took to the streets, only to face brutal repression from the military. Nevertheless, the demonstrations led to a new, gender-equal government that embraced a move towards reform and introduced seismic constitutional change, ultimately decided upon through a nationwide referendum. Guzmán, who helped define the events around Pinochet’s rise to power with the landmark The Battle of Chile, once again captures Chile at a momentous time.

Through on-the-ground footage and interviews, he highlights the role women have played in the democratic movement. From how the song ‘Un violador en tu camino’ became an anthem for feminist action and the role played by Mapuche campaigners to a mother seen struggling to feed her children, this is a timely testament to the collective power of people uniting to force change.