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Monsoon 12 rating

Henry Golding shines in this gorgeous study of memory and legacy, a pleasing reflection on the endurance of both.

Drama 2019 85 mins



As his name suggests, Kit (Golding) is a man of many parts: Vietnamese-born, British-raised, gay, rootless and grieving for the mother whose ashes he is repatriating to Saigon. Now he and the city have changed and he finds little to anchor him. That is, until he meets Lewis, a black American whose father served in the war that still underscores many of Kit’s interactions. From the graceful opening shot this is a journey through the interior, showing how luck, chance and courage can divert a life. Hong Khaou's second feature mirrors his first – Lilting - in using words sparingly, and resonating with of any of us who have ever felt lost in translation.

Monsoon was supported through and production with the support of the BFI, using funds from the National Lottery.