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Life, Animated PG rating

A fascinating and moving documentary about how an autistic boy learned to communicate through Disney films.

Documentary 2016 92 mins

Director: Roger Ross Williams



We’re all keenly aware of the life-affirming powers of the best Disney movies, but perhaps none more so than Owen Suskind. As a child, Suskind stopped speaking and was diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder, but his love for Disney films led his family to develop an extraordinary way of communicating with him. Against medical advice, they helped him find his voice through mimicking and channelling Disney characters, using them as his point of reference and enabling him to grow into a self-assured, confident young man.

This outstanding documentary uses home movies, present-day footage and specially commissioned animation to provide insights into Owen’s childhood and remarkable story. Oscar®-winning director Roger Ross Williams has made a joyous and mesmerising film that’s a celebration of difference, diversity and animation.