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Lambert & Stamp 15 rating

The fascinating story of how two aspiring filmmakers set out to capture swinging 1960s London, but instead inadvertently helped create The Who.

Documentary 2014 118 mins

Director: James D. Cooper



In the early 1960’s, Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert were just two aspiring filmmakers from complete different British backgrounds. They set off to capture the growing youth culture in London following the war, and came across a band that symbolized that energy – the High Numbers. Rebellious and vital, the band struck a chord with the two filmmakers. That is, until they all worked together to fine-tune their art and create the band we all know today: The Who.

James D. Cooper’s fascinating and funky documentary captures the essence of post-war London youth at the time – growing, bursting, and hardly able to contain itself. It was a revolution, and at the centre of it were the hits of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, and the rest of The Who. Lambert & Stamp is a rare doc that shows the trials of chasing art until, suddenly, art just finds you.