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Kill Bill Vol. 1 18 rating

The first instalment of Tarantino's epic, blood-soaked opus sees Uma Thurman's betrayed bride set out for revenge against her former assassination crew.

Martial arts 2003 111 mins

Director: Quentin Tarantino


The first instalment of Tarantino's epic, homage to Eastern martial arts cinema is a glorious, blood-soaked opus. Uma Thurman is the betrayed bride who's out for revenge against the remnants of her former assassination crew. Striking out against her former comrades Coppherhead (Vivica A. Fox) and Cottonmouth (Lucy Liu), her ultimate target is the titular groom who left her for dead on her wedding day.

Paying equal homage to both Chinese kung fu and Japanese samurai cinema (Gordon Liu and Sonny Chiba both appear), Tarantino crafts a giddily entertaining swordplay spectacle, bursting with bullet-speed combat scenes that take the breath away. And Thurman's Bride remains one of cinema's ultimate kick-ass action heroines.