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Grizzly Man 15 rating

Werner Herzog’s bold documentary follows Timothy Treadwell, a fervent grizzly bear advocate who lives a perilous life amongst these magnificent creatures.

Documentary 2005 104 mins

Director: Werner Herzog


Werner Herzog is a master documentarian, and this time he turns his camera on the peculiar, passionate, and out-of-this world Timothy Treadwell. Treadwell dedicated a good portion of his life living amongst grizzly bears in Alaska, studying their behaviour and protecting their existence. Herzog captures his subject’s enthusiasm and risks before Treadwell was unfortunately killed by a rogue bear in October 2003.

Widely acknowledged as one of the best documentaries of the 2000’s, Grizzly Man is both a cautionary tale and an ode to nature – and human’s relationship to it. It’s powerful and polarizing, with a beautiful, soulful, and wild subject at its centre.