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Green for Danger PG rating

A series of murders at a wartime hospital are probed by an eccentric policeman.

Medical drama 1947 87 mins

Director: Sidney Gilliat


Alastair Sim leads a virtuoso whodunit which one critic quite rightly says, 'manages to mix froth with an unexpectedly dark heart.' Writer-director Sidney Gilliat scripted The Lady Vanishes, and handles shifts of pace and tone with similar aplomb. His story sets up assumptions it then unpicks, gilded by Sim's gleeful narration: "My presence lay over the hospital like a pall – I found it all tremendously enjoyable."

This was the first film made at Pinewood Studios as it reopened after World War 2. The censor banned it outright, fearing that de-mobbed soldiers might avoid medical treatment. It was a misunderstanding, and they relented soon after.