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Fire Will Come 12 rating

A pyromaniac returns to his mother’s farm in Oliver Laxe’s visually jaw-dropping study of the Galician landscape.

Drama 2019 86 mins

Director: Oliver Laxe


Amador is newly out of jail. We know little of his crime and the taciturn man has no desire to play nice with the neighbours in the picturesque valley where he lives with his warm, charismatic mother – a relationship that is superbly doled out to us in small sips. But things look up when he meets a female vet who knows nothing of his past (and enjoys a bit of Leonard Cohen). Prizing atmosphere and ambiguity over plot, this is slow cinema that gives us astonishing image after astonishing image to drink in, allowing us to treasure a countryside viewed in shades of elemental splendour: sunlight, fog and, most dramatically, fire. Director Oliver Laxe follows Mimosas with a raw yet ravishing sensory experience.