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Falling 15 rating

Viggo Mortensen's directorial debut is a powerful rumination on family and forgiveness.

Drama 2020 113 mins

Director: Viggo Mortensen


Willis (Lance Henriksen), an elderly, conservative and cantankerous man, is grappling with the early stages of dementia and struggling to run his isolated farm in upstate New York. His son John (Viggo Mortensen), brings him to California to stay with him and his husband while they make long term plans for his care. During his stay, Willis's homophobic, xenophoic and misogynist tendencies are increasingly exacerbated by his memory loss, occasionally with humorous results, but primarily placing a painful strain on John as old wounds between him and his patriarchal father resurface.

In his assured and deeply personal debut as a writer/director, Mortensen deftly explores the bonds and fractures of a father son relationship, while drawing out a charged, career-best performance from Henriksen.