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Dior and I 12 rating

An astonishing behind-the-scenes documentary following the famed fashion house’s new artistic director as he prepares his first collection.

Documentary 2014 90 mins

Director: Frederic Tcheng


Frédéric Tcheng’s astonishing behind-the-scenes documentary follows the new artistic director of famed fashion house Christian Dior, Raf Simons, as he prepares his first collection.

With extraordinary access to every part of the creative process, as Raf and his assistant attempt to re-invent the Dior style in only six weeks, this is as close as most people will ever get to understanding the magnificent madness of haute couture and the intense demands on its creators. Exquisitely photographed and offering images of ravishing beauty, Dior and I will linger in the memory as a brilliant homage to the history of Dior and the person navigating its future.