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Children of Heaven PG rating

Iranian siblings Ali and Zahra lose the latter’s pair of shoes – but devise a plan to survive and obtain new ones in this family drama.

Comedy 1997 88 mins

Director: Majid Majidi


Ali and Zahra are two poor siblings living in South Tehran, Iran. After Ali accidentally loses Zahra’s pair of shoes, the two devise a plan – they will share Ali’s converses throughout their school day, trading them on and off, while keeping the whole ordeal a secret from their parents. Meanwhile, Ali tries to win them a new pair of shoes in a high-profile children’s footrace in this endearing family drama.

Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1998, Children of Heaven warmed audiences’ hearts throughout the world while being an introspective and colourful study on what it means to be a child. Funny, warm, and provocative, Children of Heaven is international cinema at its finest.