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Champagne Rose Is Dead

This far-out late 60s international espionage sci-fi oddity will exhilarate all connoisseurs of strange cinema

Thriller 1968 88 mins

Director: Calvin Floyd


Mysterious international agent and playboy Jason flits from country to country engaged in a shadowy high-stakes game of espionage, louche love-making and violent intrigue, always accompanied by his unspeaking bodyguard, Shadow. Nonetheless bored with his exotic, glamorous lifestyle he attempts to retire - but his paymasters have other ideas…

The auteur behind this bewildering, bizarre British-Swedish thriller - tinged with many moments of maybe-black-comedy and some unlikely dialogue - was Calvin Floyd, who directed, penned the script and wrote the music. He’d later go on to make the documentary In Search of Dracula (1975), which was narrated by Christopher Lee.