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Boys on Film 22: Love to Love You 18 rating

The latest in Peccadillo’s critically acclaimed series features a fresh and exciting selection of the very best contemporary gay short films.

Anthology 2022 144 mins

Director: Akira Kamiki



The latest in Peccadillo’s critically acclaimed series – now established as a leading showcase for new and emerging queer filmmaking talent from around the world – features a fresh and exciting selection of the very best contemporary gay short films. Each self-contained drama in this diverse and thoughtfully curated collection offers fascinating and insightful new perspectives on the gay experience – sensual, affecting, sometimes provocative and always entertaining.

- HAVE WE MET BEFORE? (UK, 12 mins) Dir. Oliver Mason Prepare for a kitschy, kinky voyage via the homosexual gaze from the 1970's to the present day. The internet may have changed the way gay men meet, but as always, some things never change. - THE ACT (UK, 18 mins) Dir. Thomas Hescott It’s 1965, the eve of decriminalisation for acts of male homosexuality. We meet Matthews, a young gay man at odds with the world and his own sexuality, as he discovers love, sex and a family in the back alleys of Soho. -FIRST POSITION (USA, 20 mins) Dir. Michael Elias Thomas In 1980's San Francisco, aspiring dancer Zachary fights to keep his dream alive after falling ill. Meanwhile, a fleeting romance with fellow dancer Jamie provides brief respite. - WINTER (Mexico, 16 mins) Dir. Luis Pacheco, Rafael Ruiz Espejo Out of the blue, cabaret performer Nico receives a call from their estranged father who is coming to visit them. Keeping their queer lifestyle under wraps, Nico soon realises that they and their father are much closer than they previously thought. - THE SUIT WEARETH THE MAN (UK, 30 mins) Dir. Mitchell Marion Maciej suppresses his sexual and cultural identities in order to climb the corporate ladder, struggling with the conflicting wishes of his conservative mother Marta and the orders of his handsome yet ruthless boss Christopher. - INFINITE WHILE IT LASTS (Brazil, 19 mins) Dir. Akira Kamiki At a party, Danny and Seiji fall in love. While those around them think their relationship is doomed to fail, Danny believes the differences between them can prove stronger than their feelings. - MELON GRAB (Australia, 10 mins) Dir. Andrew Lee An uncertain future dawns upon two young best friends as one of them is moving away from their coastal hometown. Their way of dealing with it is skateboarding as the descending sun marks a new point in their lives. - THRIVE (UK, 17 mins) Dir. Jamie Dispirito Joe and Alex enter into a mobile phone hook-up conversation that leads to a physical meet-up. The attraction between them is evident, but it quickly becomes apparent they're looking for different things.