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Boogie Nights 18 rating

Paul Thomas Anderson's deliriously entertaining account of the mid-70s porn industry, with an unforgettable Mark Wahlberg as 'Dirk Diggler' and Burt Reynolds as his producer.

Drama 1997 155 mins

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson



Set in 1977, back when sex was safe, pleasure was a business and business was booming, idealistic porn producer Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds) aspires to elevate his craft to an art form. Horner discovers Eddie Adams (Mark Wahlberg), a hot young talent working as a busboy in a nightclub, and welcomes him into the extended family of movie-makers, misfits and hangers-on that are always around. Adams’ rise from nobody to a celebrity adult entertainer is meteoric, and soon the whole world seems to know his porn alter ego, “Dirk Diggler.” Now, when disco and drugs are in vogue, fashion is in flux and the party never seems to stop, Adams’ dreams of turning sex into stardom are about to collide with cold, hard reality.

Paul Thomas Anderson burst onto the scene with his deliriously entertaining and assured second feature, which gives Burt Reynolds his last great role at the front of an incredible ensemble cast: John C. Reilly, Heather Graham, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Don Cheadle, William H. Macy, and many more.