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Blanche Fury PG rating

Valerie Hobson stars as the scheming governess with designs on taking over the Fury estate, in this atmospheric Gothic melodrama

Period drama 1948 94 mins

Director: Marc Allégret


Valerie Hobson stars as the titular character in the Victorian melodrama. After becoming governess of Fury mansion she falls for the aggrieved Philip Thorn (Stewart Granger) and the pair scheme together to try and take over the Fury estate. But their murderous plans end up driving a wedge between them.

With its labyrinthine plot, wanton cruelty and sweeping dramatic turns, Blanche Fury is a prime example of the Gothic melodrama at which Rank Studios excelled in the 1940s. But unlike many of those films, this one is unusual for being shot in Technicolor, and Swiss-born director Marc Allégret adds an eerie, unsettling atmosphere to the macabre proceedings.