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Beautiful Something 15 rating

In one desperate night, four disparate gay men cruise Philadelphia in pursuit of ever-elusive human connection.

Drama 2015 93 mins

Director: Joseph Graham


Four men’s lives intersect over the course of one long night in Philadelphia. Brian is an undisciplined poet who takes refuge from writer’s block and money troubles in sex and alcohol. Drew, an established sculptor, is frustrated by his younger boyfriend Jim’s yearning to escape. Jim, meanwhile, dreams of being an actor, so when he meets Bob, a rich businessman claiming to be an agent, opportunity seems to knock for both.

Joseph Graham’s fresh and frank drama presents unique portraits of these characters as they each grapple with their issues. It’s unpredictable, sexy, heartfelt and authentic. The compelling narrative is realised by a brilliant ensemble cast that act their socks off (in both senses). It reveals how each generation repeat the same mistakes, but can’t seem to communicate with each other.