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A Royal Night Out 12 rating

Julian Jarrold’s charming historical drama recreates Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret’s night of celebrations on V.E. Day 1945.

Drama 2014 97 mins

Director: Julian Jarrold



1945, V.E. Day. Peace has successfully spread throughout Europe and London is about to celebrate – big time. Eager to join in on the outer festivities are Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret (Sarah Gadon, Bel Powley), strictly kept within the confines of Buckingham Palace on a regular basis. The Queen (Emily Watson) is hesitant, but King George VI (Rupert Everett) allows his daughters to go out as long as they report back the mood of the city and reaction to his speech. What ensues is a night of discovery, celebration, and even romance.

Director Julian Jarrold recreates V.E. day with regal poise and panache, alongside the energy he’s brought to his previous historical dramas (Kinky Boots, Becoming Jane). But Gadon and Powley are the stars of the show, bringing humour, warmth, and intelligence to their real-life characters. These are two star-making performances that avoid clichés and embrace the essence of adolescent humanity.