Mike Leigh

 A streaming selection as part of our celebration of the great British filmmaker.

A British auteur and a BFI Fellow, Mike Leigh is one of the UK’s greatest filmmakers. He makes films on his terms; shrouding his rehearsal process, shooting in secrecy and working with the best talent the UK can provide, both in front of and behind the camera. Having worked across theatre, TV and film, Leigh continues to win global awards and acclaim. 

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Life is SweetLife is Sweet

Drama1990103 minsDirector: Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh’s hilarious yet tragic domestic portrait features a dazzling ensemble performance and remains a potent, true-to-life story, and one of the celebrated director’s most admired and affecting films.

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A Running JumpA Running Jump

Comedy201036 minsDirector: Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh's sports-infused comedy short starring Eddie Marsan, produced as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

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Drama1983107 minsDirector: Mike Leigh

Tim Roth, Phil Daniels and Gary Oldman star in Mike Leigh’s TV film about an East End family try to stay afloat during a recession.

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High HopesHigh Hopes

Drama1988112 minsDirector: Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh’s bittersweet comedy tells the story of Cyril (Philip Davis), an idealist who despairs at the societal changes of Thatcher’s Britain.

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Drama1993131 minsDirector: Mike Leigh

David Thewlis gives an outstanding performance as a morally questionable force-of-nature.

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Bleak MomentsBleak Moments

Drama1971111 minsDirector: Mike Leigh

Sylvia (Anne Raitt) leads a quiet life caring for her sister Hilda (Sarah Stephenson) who has complex care needs in Mike Leigh's deeply affecting debut feature film.

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Vera DrakeVera Drake

Drama2004120 minsDirector: Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh’s acclaimed story of a selfless woman who performs unlawful abortions in 1950s Britain; both an affecting drama and vital social history.