Your UK or Mine?

This selection of shorts shows how varied and impressive new British filmmaking is, through stories of community, love and personal acceptance.

Short films programmed by Nellie Alston, Philip Ilson, Aduke King and Elaine Wong.

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Precious Hair & BeautyPrecious Hair & Beauty

Drama202111 mins

A witty and energetic snapshot of an odd day at a black hairdressers.

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Drama202120 mins

Imprisoned in child detention, Jacob finds himself alone desperate to reach the outside world. Help from an unlikely source gives his predicament an even weirder twist.

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Drama202018 mins

In a tense late-night journey, Jordan encounters a drug-dealer in a dangerous den populated by a gang of men and stifling with toxic masculinity.

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The Other EndThe Other End

Drama202016 mins

Shona’s boyfriend hasn’t come home. She fears the worst, so ventures out into the sodium-orange glow of London’s streets at night to find him.

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We're Too Good For ThisWe're Too Good For This

Drama202112 mins

Stereotypes are overturned in this story of physical disability, where a group of friends on a council estate find a way to assert their independence using the gifts others see as flaws.

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For LoveFor Love

Drama202112 mins

Against all odds, two women try to resist being torn apart by the UK’s brutal immigration system.

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