Speculative Futures

This programme considers the futures we might gift, extrapolate or create from our present tensions, through the eyes of those bequeathed.

An odyssey of desires from queer to Afrofuturism to the posthuman: all have a stake in this planet and demand a request for a better tomorrow.

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No Go BacksNo Go Backs

Road movie202033 mins

Two teenagers traverse a post-apocalyptic California in this tale of an inherited wasteland, unprepared resilience and compassion, which points to the beginnings of a new future.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image202012 mins

Sculptor and filmmaker Adonia Bouchehri’s merging of work-life space shared with a kiwi bird, a turtle and large jelly rats.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image202013 mins

A foley artist creates sounds for a film starring a dressage horse, with a thrilling performance from queer artist and performer Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau.

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The End of Suffering (a proposal)The End of Suffering (a proposal)

Science Fiction202014 mins

An interplanetary symphony for Sofia.

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Truth and KinshipTruth and Kinship

Animation & Artists Moving Image202010 mins

Artist-filmmaker Gaby Sahhar’s Truth and Kinship follows three young people in their search for social mobility, questioning how cities adapt to serve capitalist male identities to the detriment of others.

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Romance20202 minsSilent

Portrait based on the first cinematic representation of Afro-American intimacy in the 1898 film Something Good-Negro Kiss.

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Ferocious LoveFerocious Love

Science Fiction202010 mins

Jarman award-nominated artist Mikhail Karikis and young activists explore mutual care in the new meteorological era of 2050.

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Here is the Imagination of the Black RadicalHere is the Imagination of the Black Radical

Documentary202010 mins

Afrofuturism and carnival as resistance at the Junkanoo festival in the Bahamas, from Aesthetica Art Prize winner Rhea Storr.

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Down There the Seafolk LiveDown There the Seafolk Live

Documentary202016 mins

Artist, musician and filmmaker Stan Greengrass’ documentary explores the sacrifice of starting HRT for trans singers who rely on their voice for performance.