Films to fall in love with. Films to break your heart.

When did you last kiss in a cinema? When did you last cry? Could you still believe in romance? Or is it just a fairy tale, a movie you once saw? Cinema's most seductive illusion is to immerse us in the intensity and passion of other people's lives and loves. Our season celebrates the broad sweep of love in film from the swooning silent era to the present day.

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Screenwriter Tess Morris on how to write a romcomScreenwriter Tess Morris on how to write a romcom

Inside Film6 mins

The writer of romantic comedy Man Up talks about screenwriting in the genre, and offers tips for aspiring romcom creators.

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The Kiss in the TunnelThe Kiss in the Tunnel

Comedy18992 minsSilent

A snatched kiss in a railway tunnel, played by real-life married couple GA Smith and Laura Bayley

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Dear Margery BoobsDear Margery Boobs

Animation & Artists Moving Image19775 mins

Agony Aunt finds her romantic match in a man with increasingly complicated sex fantasies.

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Three Big WordsThree Big Words

20024 mins

Miles (played by Simon Ludders) faces a challenge that many have stumbled over before and since.

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Paris, BrixtonParis, Brixton

Romance199713 mins Location: Brixton

Breaking Bad’s Laura Fraser stars in this delightful short about a student who falls in love with a burglar.

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The Private Life of Don JuanThe Private Life of Don Juan

Comedy193487 mins

Husbands lock up their wives when the renowned Romeo returns to Seville; but the man wooing the city’s ladies is not what he seems.

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Madness of the HeartMadness of the Heart

Melodrama194990 mins

The path to true love never runs smooth, but poor Margaret Lockwood gets more of a bumpy ride than anyone deserves in this post-war melodrama.

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Bad Lord ByronBad Lord Byron

Biopic194983 mins

Ambitious, eccentric and hugely entertaining biopic, with Dennis Price's 'wicked' poet-adventurer defending himself in a celestial court.

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The Faithful HeartThe Faithful Heart

Romance193280 mins

20 years after saying goodbye to a young waitress and embarking on a war-bound ship, a naval officer discovers he has an adult daughter.

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Time OutTime Out

197122 mins

Beautifully acted and directed drama, set in Notting Hill in the 1960s.

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The StreamThe Stream

Documentary199912 mins

Duncan Jones, director of Moon, Source Code and Warcraft, presents this ambitious Iron Age short about the star-crossed romance between a slave and gentry girl.

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Your Hand in MineYour Hand in Mine

Documentary198026 mins Location: Cardiff/Caerdydd

Old age hits, often along with loss of partner, mobility and abilities. Can it be embraced or does it have to be endured? Might it include love?

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Darling, Do You Love Me?Darling, Do You Love Me?

Comedy19684 mins

In a hugely entertaining parody of her media persona, Germaine Greer stars as a terrifyingly amorous woman who pursues a man relentlessly.

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Here Comes the BrideHere Comes the Bride

Amateur film194816 minsSilent Location: Hebburn

A wonderfully sophisticated take on the wedding film crafted by a Tyneside musician for his brother and a stylish bride.

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Love AffairLove Affair

Amateur film19749 mins Location: Colchester

Colchester Cine Club present romance and a case of mistaken identity in this intriguing short drama, shot on location in the club's home town in Essex.

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Mountaineer's RomanceMountaineer's Romance

Action and Adventure191222 minsSilent Location: Peak District National Park

Passions run high in the Peak District in this beautifully-shot silent romantic drama.

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Drama19044 minsSilent

Early film: The life of a gentleman farmer is turned upside down when he discovers his wife in the arms of the local asylum's chief warder.

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Line EngagedLine Engaged

Drama20023 mins

Barry (played by Drew Mulligan) is taking no chances with his romantic proposal – he has back-up!

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