For Better or Worse

Marriage as an institution can be suffocating and the works here explore the more negative side to the vows taken between two people, particularly around how individuals can control and bully.

Short films programmed by Nellie Alston, Philip Ilson, Aduke King and Elaine Wong.

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What We Don’t Know About MariamWhat We Don’t Know About Mariam

Drama202125 mins

Arriving at the hospital, things soon escalate between Mariam and her husband in this powerful drama.

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The Fourth WallThe Fourth Wall

Animation & Artists Moving Image202110 mins

A family kitchen becomes very lively when seen through the eyes of a young boy with a vivid imagination, in this lively mix of animation and live action.

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Imuhira [Home]Imuhira [Home]

Drama202113 mins

Kanama’s dream-like journey back to her family does not offer the homecoming she hoped for. The initial solace of familiar surroundings and presence of friends is no comfort when she still feels tormented.

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Lili AloneLili Alone

Drama202123 mins

In order to support her family, young mum Lili makes the heart-wrenching decision to leave her martial home in a remote part of Sichuan.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image20215 mins

A pig killed in a slaughterhouse becomes the omniscient narrator in this animated tale about modern marriage.

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About My Family During the Pandemic [Sobre mi familia cuando la pandemia]About My Family During the Pandemic [Sobre mi familia cuando la pandemia]

Documentary202010 mins

“How I wish you were here…” – the filmmaker’s family during the era of Coronavirus. A personal portrait of Javier Robles’ loving parents dealing with lockdown.

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