Exposing Territories

These films bear testimony to oppressive histories of confinement, restriction, violence, and their consequences.

The artists use artefacts of the past to transform our comprehension of historic injustice and to expose colonial strategies of oppression that sought to destroy cultures. Resistance and creativity inevitably immerge in new vibrant ways.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image20205 mins

The cruelty of confinement and the struggle for liberation contained within in hand-drawn animation and archival footage.

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Strange ObjectStrange Object

War202015 mins

An archival investigation into the imperial image-making of the RAF ‘Z Unit’, which determined the destruction of human, animal and cultural life across Somaliland, as well as Africa and Asia.

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The Map MakersThe Map Makers

Documentary202017 mins

Abstracted footage and audio of bombs dropping on Biafra in 1967 set against a speech by leader Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, illustrates the ironies of post-colonial warfare.

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Missing TimeMissing Time

Animation & Artists Moving Image201915 mins

A new formation of history that includes the fantastical as well as the political in the context of Britain’s decolonial process in Kenya and during the Cold War.

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Documentary20193 mins

Important events like Tunisia’s Independence Day might be in the past, but we may need to access them in counter-intuitive ways.

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No Archive Can Restore YouNo Archive Can Restore You

Animation & Artists Moving Image20206 mins

An imagining of lost films from the Nigerian Film Unit archive, with distinctive soundscapes, juxtaposed with images of the abandoned interior and exteriors of the building that housed it.

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King of SanwiKing of Sanwi

Animation & Artists Moving Image20207 mins

Re-worked footage from an unfinished film by Senegalese director Mamadou Johnny Sekka forms a re-examination of The Jackson 5’s 1974 trip to Dakar.

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Leave the EdgesLeave the Edges

Documentary202039 mins

A deep and rich exploration of the complex ancestries of African diasporic cultural expression, inspired by post-colonial African spirituality and artistic practices from West Africa to the Caribbean and Europe.