Carol Morley

Dreams, memories and reveries - the collected works of one of Britain's most distinctive filmmakers.

Over two connected collections compiling her Free shorts and Rental features, we present a résumé of Morley's films to date, from her earliest shorts for Central St. Martins to acclaimed features such as The Falling.

In totality, several key themes emerge - absence, autobiography and how we confront the past, as well as the female experience in general. This comprehensive view of her oeuvre brings such riches to the fore and reaffirms Morley's significance to 21st-century British cinema.

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The Madness of the DanceThe Madness of the Dance

Drama200617 mins

From biting nuns to twitching schoolgirls, a professor (Maxine Peake) takes us on a musical journey through mass hysteria.

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The Fear of TrilogyThe Fear of Trilogy

Comedy20063 mins

Maxine Peake stars in a short film about three fears - birds, falling, sleepwalking - shot and edited by Carol Morley on a mobile phone, in a single day.

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Stalin My NeighbøurStalin My Neighbøur

Drama200415 mins

Carol Morley's short about a woman who's obsessed with local history, while trying to forget her own past.

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Drama19937 mins

Carol Morley's debut short uses the stylistic devices of the melodrama to explore the story of a girl's relationship with her father.

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Secondhand DaylightSecondhand Daylight

Drama19939 mins

Carol Morley's graduation short in which a selection of twenty-somethings talk about their troubles.

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The Week Elvis DiedThe Week Elvis Died

Drama199716 mins

Eleven-year-old Karen meets king of the airwaves, Tony Blackburn (played by himself) in Carol Morley's bittersweet short.

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Return TripReturn Trip

Documentary200124 mins

Carol Morley tracks down her old friend Catherine Corcoran and returns to India where they once travelled as teenagers.

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Everyday SomethingEveryday Something

Drama-documentary200114 mins

Based on the filmmaker’s collection of British newspaper cuttings, Everyday Something features interlocking private moments that give glimpses into everyday life.

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I'm Not HereI'm Not Here

Comedy199414 mins

A film about shop assistants and boredom, inspired by a letter Sir Alec Guinness sent to The Times in 1970.

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Forgotten PilotsForgotten Pilots

199910 mins

Celebrating the achievements and passion of the women who were ferry pilots during World War II. They transported all types of aircraft, often in hazardous conditions, for Britain’s Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA).

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